1 Million Dust Mites May Share the Bed with you

1-5-million-dust-mites-may-be-living-in-your-bed-destroy-them-by-doing-this-one-thing-only Most people have a habit to make their bed the moment they get up in the morning. It is a habit that has been rooted deeply since we were young. Children usually hate when their mothers make them do their beds in the morning, so they will be really happy when they know this. Science says that by making your bed immediately the moment the sun rises, you are trapping millions of bacteria and dust mites inside your sheets. They live there, feeding off your dead skin cells and sweat that you have been released during the night.

How Can Dust Mites Harm Our Health

mattress-cleaning-dustmites-600x450 via chemdrycarpettech Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live in our bed, among our sheets and pillows. They are rapidly multiplying and excreting if they feed on our sweat and dead skin cells. The worst part is that there are more than 1 million dust mites in our beds, which can really be hazardous to our health. These dust mites excrete protein that is detrimental to our health. This protein can increase the level of antibodies if we get in contact with it through the skin or by inhaling. This brings about our body releasing histamine which causes swelling and redness. That might be a cause of dust allergies and cause asthma flare ups if you inhale it. You might experience fever, red eyes, itchiness, sneezing, coughing and even breathing problems.

How to Get Rid of these Dust Mites

dust-mites-600x241 via brownscarpetandupholsterycleaning During the night, when we are sleeping, we sweat, and our body releases skin flakes onto our sheets. This creates a perfect breeding ground for mites. If you make your bed directly after you wake up and wash we leave those flakes and the sweat on our pillow and our sheets. In the night we lie on them. You will probably be very happy about the solution of this problem: you should not make your bed the moment you wake up. In fact, the longer it stays like that the better. The reason behind this is because in this way you will expose the dust mites to direct light from the sun and fresh air. That will dehydrate them and destroy them, and as a result they will not harm your health. So, get up, have breakfast, drink some coffee, but do not make your bed. Also, if you want your sheets to be clean of mites wash them and change them every one or two weeks. Mites can only survive if they use their small glands from the outside of their body to take water from the atmosphere. However, if you leave your bed unmade you can remove the moisture from the mattress and the sheets so that the dust mites will dehydrate and die. It is best if you leave your bed like that for a whole day, so it can breathe. The fact is that the dust mites are still there even after you leave your bed unmade. However, it is not their presence that harms the human health, but their excretion. And the only thing that removes this excretion is the direct sunlight and air. Source:http://nutritionsumo.com

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